2005 Award Winners

Audience Favorite - "Fortune Cookie"
Best Live-Action - "Tahara"
Best Nevada Filmmaker - "Luckey Quarter"
Best Student - "Shades of Crimson"
Best Animation - "The Auction"
Best Youth/Family - "Training Wheels"
Best Documentary - "Dog People"

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A letter from Lee Lanier, Festival Director:

"The 2005 Dam Short Film Festival has been a smashing success - as such, there are many, many thanks to give. I'd like to thank all the visiting filmmakers who traveled many miles to our little town. I'd like to thank all the amazing volunteers who solved so many last-second problems. I'd like to thank the people of Boulder City for being so friendly to visitors and the newly arrived. I'd like to thank our guest jurists and special guest speakers who lent their years of experience. I'd like to thank all the sponsors who took a chance with their cash and made our festival feasible. I'd like to thank Nicky Collins, a Boulder City resident who's just about the most positive person you'd ever want to meet. I'd like to thank Ken Byler, who's charming crustiness was matched only by his determination to see our event a success. And, mostly, I'd like to thank my wife, Anita, who gave me the support, the encouragement, the time, the sweat, and all the great ideas necessary to transform this festival from a vague notion to the screening of 100 marvelous short films.