2010 Photos
2010 Sponsors

The 2010 Dam Short Film Festival Award Winners are:

Audience Favorite - "Hamlet, But You Didn’t Hear it From Me"
Best Nevada Filmmaker - "Kill Order"
Best Drama - "Slice of Pie"
Best Sci-Fi / Horror - "Under God"
Best Comedy - "Cabbie"
Best Documentary - "Side Effects"
Best Student - "Down in Number 5"
Best Animation - "Lightheaded"

The 1st Runner-Ups are:

Audience Favorite - "Psyche on Melrose"
Nevada Filmmaker - "The Growth"
Drama - "Who’s Dog is it Anyway"
Sci-Fi / Horror - "Schizofredric"
Comedy - "Funky Pickles"
Documentary - "The Sundowner"
Student - "The Seventh Floor"
Animation - "Skylight"

A big thanks to all our amazing volunteers, sponsors, filmmakers, and audiences!