2011 Sponsors

The 2011 Dam Short Film Festival Award Winners are:

Audience Favorite - "Indestructible"
Best Nevada Filmmaker - "Cowboy"
Best Drama - "War"
Best Sci-Fi / Horror - "The Furred Man"
Best Comedy - "Mam Always Told Him"
Best Documentary - "Forgotten Bird of Paradise"
Best Student - "God of Love"
Best Animation - "Barko"

The 1st Runner-Ups are:

Nevada Filmmaker - "The Last Night"
Drama - "Seedling"
Sci-Fi / Horror - "The Island"
Comedy - "Withstand One Night"
Documentary - "Just About Famous"
Student - "Mercy, Grace & Crab Meat"
Animation - "A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation"

A big thanks to all our amazing volunteers, sponsors, filmmakers, and audiences!